Resources & Policies

The Library contains SCOUTS South Africa’s Constitution, Rules and Policies as well as the most frequently used forms and programme resources.

SCOUTS South Africa Policies

Please note that the Organisational Rules and Adult Support Policy were recently updated!

Constitution, O.R. and Policies

Ratified Policies

Ratified Social Partnership Agreements

Child Protection

Strategic plan 2018 – 2021

General Forms and Resources

Some regions use additional forms not listed here. If any national forms are not listed here please inform us on For more resources also check out the Scout Wiki.

Note: SCOUTS South Africa accepts that a photocopy, scanned copy or a digitally signed document with a signature upon it is valid.

Programme resources:

MARKETING TOOLKIT FOR GROUPSAre you looking for posters, flyers, banners, brochures, etc.. to promote Scouting in your area? This toolkit is for you! The Marketing Toolkit contains templates, guidelines and ready to print promotional materials !

SSA Members looking for more information and resources can check out the SCOUTS WIKI